Today’s Tip – Mid-Corner Pace

We’ve looked at corner entry and corner exit so now lets look at the mid-corner.

Our goal with corner exit was to get on the gas at the point where you could accelerate hard out of the corner with no need to lift or feather the throttle. Our goal on entry was to get to that acceleration point as quickly as possible so what do you do mid corner?

In a short corner the mid-corner section is a simple transition from brake to throttle but you often need to use the last release of the brake to help rotate the car towards the exit. You need to aim for the highest minimum speed here which doesn’t compromise the exit.

In a longer corner you may need a period in between the release of the brake and the application of the gas. In this phase again you are looking for the highest minimum speed which doesn’t affect you corner exit, balancing the speed with the natural mid-corner balance of your car.