Today’s Tip – Trail Braking

As discussed yesterday, this is the art of getting to the slow point of the corner as quickly as possible.

Braking puts more weight over the front tyres giving them more grip. Initiate the braking as usual with a fast and hard application of the brake then as you turn into the corner balance increasing steering angle with decreasing brake pressure.

If your initial straight line braking is using all of the available tyre grip to slow down, if you then subsequently add a lateral grip request in the form of a steering input you need to reduce the longitudinal (braking) grip request by an equivalent amount. It is far more complex than that from an engineering point of view but from a drivers perspective you can simplify it by thinking that to add 10% steering you need to reduce the brake by 10%.

As you reach the slowest point of the corner you will naturally clear the brake as you are asking for maximum lateral load on the steering and tyres.