Stay Sharp in the Off Season

narrow-oxford-venue-page-3The winter is a quiet time in the racing world, generally there are less events and less track driving opportunities to keep yourself sharp so what should you do?

Seat time is all important, it keeps our reflexes sharp and it keeps our brains and bodies used to the sensations and tasks of driving quickly.  Seat time costs money, especially at this time of year when it often involves taking you and your car to a warmer country so what other options are there that won’t break the bank?

Simulators are a great way of keeping your eye in.  Commercial simulators are excellent at reproducing alot of the realism of real-life track driving and even home computing is powerful enough to provide excellent simulations in the comfort of your own home.  The level of detail you can go to in a home setup is entirely down to your own taste/budget with everything from a playsatation and a £100 wheel to a full 3d motion simulation rig costing tens of thousands.

If you want to experience tried and tested setups then there are a number of commercial venues that can cater to your tastes from the small but bespoke Motorsport Tuition through to the larger venues such as the excellent Race Hut or the long established setups like Base Performance there is something to suit your budget and requirements.

If looking at pixels isn’t your thing then get to your local kart track, indoor or outdoor.  They will all have free practice sessions where you can arrive and drive and this helps with your driving technique but also helps the fitness levels as karts can be notoriously tough to drive.

Lastly, keep reviewing your previous year’s sessions.  Go over the data to look for improvements, re-watch incar videos with a critical eye and watch other drivers videos on youtube to see if you can pick up any hints or tips.

Have a good winter and I look forward to seeing you on track in 2017