Snetterton 300 Track Guide

Snetterton300The majority of the Snetterton Circuit is covered in the Track Guides in Race and Trackday Driving Techniques.  Here we will look at the new corners which make up the ‘300’ variation of the circuit with a Circuit Guide Video covering the whole track.


Approach on the left of the circuit and brake hard.  Turn in adjacent to the last marker board on the left and carry the brake into the apex remembering the ‘Scale of 10’.  Apex about two thirds of the way around the corner and use the full track width on the exit.  Exit at the far side of the ‘cut-through’ that joins the Montreal hairpin to the Bentley Straight for the ‘200’ layout and use the kerb here as well.


Turn in from the far right and later than you first think.  The corner is slightly longer than 90 degrees and so you need to turn in later to avoid running out of road on the exit.  turn in as you come alongside the last marker board on the left of the circuit.  Apex two thirds of the way around the corner where exit two thirds of the way down the exit kerb.  The kerbing is very flat through here so use it to your advantage.


A fairly simple hairpin.  Turn in late, apex late and straight line the exit as much as you can using the kerbs all the way through.  The turn in is adjacent to the last marker board on the right, apex on the last quarter of the kerb on the inside and exit in the end of the kerb on the left, again using as much kerb as you can but be carful of the exit kerb finishing early as there is a drop to the dirt which can upset the car.


This corner always seems to surprise you even though you can clearly see it coming.  Although it doesn’t realy flow from the previous bend it is quite a challenging corner.  Depending on your power:grip ratio this may need a brake or just a lift.  I find a little left foot brake here helps to point the nose into the corner without loosing too much pace.  Shallow out the curve as best you can using all the width of the apex and exit kerbs and come immediately back to the left on the exit for the next corner.


Brake hard and turn in late here but exit initially in the middle of the circuit before letting the car drift wide as the corner carries on turning as it opens out.  Use the apex kerb.


A long, slightly off camber bend, turn in half way between the two marker boards on the left and hold onto the apex briefly.  Let the car drift wide only when the straight is clearly coming into view as it is easy to run wide here and the exit speed here is critical for a good run down the Bentley Straight.  Use the apex and exit kerbs to their full width to minimise the radius as much as possible.

The video below shows a hotlap with notes of the Snetterton 300 Circuit.