Rockingham ISSC Long Track Guide


A guide to most of this circuit is available in the book Race and Trackday Driving Techniques from Veloce Publishing, however this is the small extension of the circuit between Pif-Paf and Gracelands which adds the Kirby hairpin.


No need to turn in from the right hand side now as the left part of Pif-Paf is a much shorter corner than on the shorter version of the circuit.  Pif-Paf now becomes a fast left right flick.  Use as much of the flat kerbs as you can here to straighten the corners and carry as much speed as you can through. As you exit keep the car turning gently right over the brow of the hill to line you up for the braking for the Kirby hairpin.


This is one of those corners which will require a differing line depending on what you are driving.  The hairpin is actually two, almost 90 degree, left hand turns immediately after one another.  Braking here is down hill so you will need to be a bit earlier on the brakes to compensate. In a car with more grip than power, turn in relatively early, aiming to clip the kerb on the first left hand turn.  Use the brake all the way into this first clipping point, rolling off the brake all the way into the bend.  Pick up the throttle and continue the curve through the second apex, using all the apex kerb and exit kerbs to shallow out the angle of the corner.  In a car with more power than grip go deeper into the first turn, missing the first apex and come back on yourself after the turn to give a straighter run through the second apex hence allowing you to get the power down more smoothly.

Check the video below for a hotlap around the circuit filmed from a Mazda Mk3 Cup car in testing in 2013.