Oulton Park Interational Track Guide


Other than the points below you can follow the guide in the book with the video below.

Old Hall
Only use the extra bit of track on the left as you brake if your car is well enough damped as it is much bumpier than the regular tarmac.  As of 2014 this area has been repaved so it has smooth tarmac all the way out to the white line.  Maximise the width of the track on turn in here.

Depnding on your power to grip ratio it can be better to turn in earlier here and hit the first apex and the second, or just the first or just the second.  Generally the more grip you have relative to your power the earlier you can turn in and carry speed through to the exit.

The following video was filmed in car during a race to give an idea of an ideal line.  View the hot lap in conjunction with the notes here and in the book Race and Trackday Driving Techniques from Veloce.